History Of The Yuan Dynasty

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The Yuan Dynasty (1260-1368)
Rock---outlined with dry brush!
“Flying White” technique--invented!
Zhao Mengfu, Bamboo, Tree, and Rock, ink on silk 25 99.0cm
Many calligraphic strokes were developed for art technique
Hand fiber is on technique
Fine white
Zhao Mengfu, Autumn colors on the Qiao and Hua Mountains
DATED 1292
Hand scroll, ink and color on paper, painted for the poet zhou mi
Wen Ren Style :
Artlessness-deliberate writing
Not painting
Distortion trees as big as the tree
Disregards for the correct size relationship, rejection of beauty, washes are gone, no atmoopspher.
All distortied
Trees as big as mountain
Li Kan (c. 1245 - 1320)!
• Specialist in Bamboo!
• Traditional style - Wen Tong!
• But added a new style!
• Emphasis on the different tones of the ! leaves--not before!
• Leaves ----- white paper--implies purity
Four Great Masters
Huang Gongwang
Ni Zan
We Zhen
Wang Meng
Wen ren (literati) painting emphasized on
1. Calligraphic strokes 2. Use of paper 3. Subject---landscape 4. Purposefully distasteful
IE (THAT s youre problem you don’t get it) 5. Devalued professionalism--emphasis on amateurism
6. Ptg was means of self expression--self satisfaction 7. Poems in painting
8. An art-for-art’s sake attitude 9. Importance of purity and cleanliness in mood
10. No longer copying the old masters, but painting in the manner of the old masters
Huang Gongwang (1269-1354)
The older of the four great masters
Influenced by the monumental style of the north song
Used mountains as a means of orchestrating the length of the hand scroll
It is written not painted
Bland Taste
His painting techniques:
– Builds his picture through an additive process
– Song masters’ techniques
Northern Song landscape--- aim to make it interesting Southern Song-------to make it attractive Yuan --------- plainness both in subject and style

Dwelling in the Funchun Mountains
As soon as I die put it with me.
Died put in the fire then was saved.
“Cutoff Mountain Picture
17030s Korean salt