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Final – Business plan for Dog Walker and Care Business

We are a non-profit animal care business that includes hourly daycare and specializes in walking dogs.
The passion our employees and volunteers have for dogs (and animals in general) allows us to feel closely compelled to provide the best care and attention to each dog a Dog Walker gets the opportunity to walk.
What sets us apart is the fact we will use local college students as volunteer employees, allowing them the chance to take a break from studying through their hectic days, while simultaneously receiving volunteer hours for the help. Not to mention the therapeutic chance to surround themselves in an environment that deals with animals!
We sell nothing but attention to your precious animal-child!
Our competitors (in the La Crosse County area) are as follows; Doggie Business LLC, Fetch! Pet Care, Purr-Furred Pet Care LLC, Diggity Dog Day Care, etc.
As a nonprofit, we stand out with a cause. Most profit (after employee pay, maintenance, etc.) goes to the area's Humane Society.
Our customers will be anyone working from 7-5 who need dog care in a 30 mile range. We will be providing our services around the Viterbo campus, allowing people going to work downtown the opportunity to drop their dog off before work (as well as people leaving from this area to just drop the dog off). Also allowing easy access for student volunteers to get to our business.
We can provide low prices, as we are not in this business to compete. We are in this business for care,