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Kristy R.

Why Our Drone Warfare Campaign Is Right and Moral by Mark Mckinnon

Mark Mckinnon believes that there is a rational and moral reason to use drones. He uses three justifications to support his argument on drone strikes. In his article he states three reasons to why we should be using Drones in war; They are less costly in which the rest of the money left over can be used for educational purposes. The less cost of lives taken in war could be significantly reduced, and no mother or any love ones will need to worry that their son, daughter, wife or husband might not be coming home to them. Lastly, Mckinnon believes that it should be a suitable risk to use Drones since they are in our hands now and not in the terrorist.
The author believes that there is a sensible and ethical case for using drone’s airstrikes. This is a Claim of Value because he believes there is a moral value to his claim for using the Drones in war. “Instead I will argue that there is a rational and moral case for the use of drone strikes—in general.” (McKinnon)
The author claims that drone strikes will be less expensive in terms of lives lost and that in drone warfare there will be fewer soldiers coming home with post-traumatic stress or a family finding out their loved one is gone. This is Interpretation Based on Predictions of the Future because the author believes that drones could potentially save lives and therefore, will less likely cause stress on our soldiers and their families.
Information: I give this element a B because the author does state a good amount of facts on what could help the war if we use drones, it could save us money and that less money used for war could help others in education and even healthcare.
Point of View: I give this element a C because the author only gives one good example of a point of view about soldiers coming home with PTSD or families losing their loved one. I feel he should have added more and I think it could have made a more reasonable