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Just recently I found out that our CEO has given completely control to the managers. I have been working at Top Finance Company for the past six years, five of those years in the collections department. I have worked both on the field and now in the office. I have been under the leadership of Mayra Delgado. She has been with the company for over ten years. Still trying to understand where she got her training or who trained her. Over the past couple of year I have found myself, trying to understand some of the procedures that she tries to implement on us. There are no college courses that one can take to prepare themselves in the field of collections. She has gathered her knowledge from years in the field and several functions dealing with collections.
The collections department is broken up into different groups. Soft collections, which deal with clients that defaulted on their loans or first payment. These accounts are ranging from two days to nineteen days. Hard collections, in this group the collectors deal with the client that are beyond twenty and thirty-nine days. In this group they also assign accounts that need to be chased. When these accounts are chased, it is because we cannot get a hold of the client. In the final group, we have the redemption department. This group deals with the accounts that vehicles have been repossessed or is beyond two months on payments. The work is well delegated to where everything is divided equity, just no possible way to grow.
Incoming calls are usually transfer to the collector that is handing the account that the given moment. There are incidences where the collector is away or on another call. This is where the call is transfer to the first available collector. Before any assistance can be given the collector that took the call will read notes from previous collector this way the collector can formalization themselves with the account. This is something that I cannot stress enough with my fellow collectors and even the customer service.
Besides managing the collections department, Mayra, also manages the customer service department. This is what I like to call, the face of the company. These are the people you would first see when walking into our building and the first people you speak when calling. This…