Arts Education Essay example

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Rubi Alvites
Jose Rodriguez
17 February 2015
How Important is Arts Education?
Arts education has proven to be essential in the development of the human being. Arts education introduces people to activities such as dancing, drawing, painting and playing musical instruments among many others. In the arts we can let our imaginations fly free and there is no limits to what we can create. Our ideas can surpass any limit and the possibilities are endless. Arts celebrate the different way in which we perceive the world that surrounds us. Unfortunately, in schools, arts are being considered as not important or a luxury that is not necessary, resulting in budget cuts and the disappearance of arts programs. Arts educations should be considered important because it improves academic performance, it helps with social and emotional development, and it promotes inventiveness
Many studies have shown correlations between arts and other achievements in academic performance. Although school districts may considered the arts useless as part of the educational system, numerous studies have proven otherwise. A report made by the association American by the Arts explains “young people who participate regularly in the arts are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievement”. (Grace Hwang Lynch 5) Given these results, new models have been implemented in different schools, which based in the research of cognitive development, use arts to teach. For example while some professors use musical notes to teach fractions, others assign plays to their students to teach them about history. Engaging students with different learning techniques not only reduce the student dropout but also raise the attendance to class. Furthermore, students involved with arts do better in their academic tests. While painting or learning the part for a play people must focus to do it right. This discipline does not only contribute to studying and learning in class but also to do a better job later in life.
In addition to improve academic performance; arts also guide students to understand themselves and others better by improving their social and emotional development. Arts programs such as music bands, choirs as well as theater require students to work together toward a common goal. It is required to share responsibilities and compromise to do the best they can to get good results. Students learn they all play a part to make the group successful. By working together they learn to share their thoughts and become better team players. Moreover, arts also help students to get in touch with their feelings. Whether is by painting, singing, or playing a musical instrument, people can express their emotions or even escape the stress of their lives for a little while. Arts can also help student to increase their confidence. By exposing their work in front of an audience they must face criticism or appreciation from the public. As they correct their mistakes they will be getting less afraid and more confident about showing what they think.
Most of the famous artists are characterized by their inventiveness. Arts allow people to express themselves in a way that science could never provide. When students are asked to express