Assessment and Care Planning for a Person with Mental Disabilities Essays

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In this essay I will discuss a service user I encountered on recent practice placement who was referred to the hospital after she has been deteriorating in mental health and she has bipolar disorder. I am going to discuss the assessment and development of the care plan of the service user. The essay will also consist of a brief biography of the patient’s contributing factors towards her present mental health circumstances. The relevant culturally sensitive engagement and assessment skills used by the nurse in their relationships with the service user will be discussed. I will also explore legislative and nursing frameworks that influence and contribute to positive and hopeful service user’s care. The assignment will also explore the …show more content…
The stages of therapeutic relationships are identified as developing, maintaining and ending therapeutic alliance (Callaghan and Waldock, 2006). I was going to start by carrying out a formal assessment so I took Alice to one of the quite rooms where I was going to interview her in the presence of a qualified nurse. We all sat on the chairs so that we would be on same level and that would make Alice feel comfortable and relax and offered Alice some drinks. Introductions were made to check the service user’s name and how she would like to be called. I introduced myself, the qualified nurse and our roles and the aim of the interview so that Alice would feel welcome and comfortable.
I explained to Alice that the information she gave would be kept confidential and only to be shared with other professionals like doctors, occupational therapists, support workers and physiotherapists. This is supported by the NMC Code (2008) which states that professionals should maintain confidentiality and ensure individuals’ right to privacy, respect and dignity will be maintained at all times. However confidentiality needs to be breached if there maybe harm to the service user or others.
Alice indicated that she understood and agreed to be interviewed. During the interview Alice was asked about her past history as well as full details of her current problems and the reason why she was admitted. This information is taken to ensure that the help and support offered while in