The Importance Of My Family

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Composition 1- Badur
January 21st 2014

Assignment #1

A family story that is important for me to share with others is my story of how my uncle was diagnosed with cancer and the importance it has taught me. In September of 2005 my uncle was very sick and passed out at his home. He was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and after many test ran and x-rays doctors diagnosed him with acute monoblastic leukemia. Leukemia is an attack of the white blood cells over powering the red blood cells we have in our bodies. This causes the body to shut down and not be able to fight off infections. After many rounds of Kemo therapy- a strong medication that fights off infections and to make our white and red blood cells equivilant, and 2 bone marrow transplants- proceedures that help remove the cancer from your body, 7 years later my uncle came out of the experience a survivor and has been in remission for a year and counting. My experience with my uncle battling and conquiring cancer has taught me many life lessons that I by today. This expeience has taught me the importance of family. It was hard to go through this experience, and I could never imagine doing it alone, but the support from one another it helped all of us cope with the ups and downs we experienced during this difficult time. It has brought my family closer more than ever and that we can now get through anything together as a family. Another reason this story is important to me is it has taught me life