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Assignment Title
Assignment 1- The structure of the retail industry (P1, M1,) pages 162 - 173
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Qualification Covered
BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Business
BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Business
Unit Covered
Unit 29 – Understanding Retailing
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1. Know the structure of the retail industry

You have just been promoted to the post of assistant editor for Bradford Retail Today Magazine.

The Magazine is a monthly publication which brings together the best writers and photography to provide practical, in-depth information about what is happening in retailing.

The Editor of the Magazine, Mrs. Lafferty, has given you a job to investigate the features of the organisation and structure of different retailers.



Your newspaper article must be set out appropriately and must contain a minimum of 3 pieces of research including the following points:

a) A definition of retailing.
b) A description of the different types of retail stores with examples of each one.
c) A explanation of the differences between an online and physical store.
d) A description of what a ‘click and bricks’ store is.
e) A description of the 3 emerging store types.
f) A description of what a hybrid store is – with examples.
g) A description of a not for profit and public place retailers with examples for each.
h) A classification of the size – e.g. number of employees, sales area, number of enterprises, turnover.
I) An explanation of the different types of locations where retailers may be based and why retailers might chose to locate there.
j) Details of the size and trends within retailing.
k) A description of the employment characteristics of the retailing industry.
l) Sizes of retailers and trends in sales.
m) The different types of ‘ownership’ of retailers.


Tesco have many different types of stores to cater for different customers, locations and services. These are all listed below.

Tesco Extra
Tesco Superstore
Tesco Metro
Tesco Express
One Stop
Home Plus

For each of those stores you must: Describe the type of store it is using a real life location address in Yorkshire.
Where they are located including reasons why they are located there
Features of that type of store and what retail function they perform
Similarities to other types of stores
Differences to the other stores.

Finally you must now write a paragraph justifying WHY Tesco use so many different types of stores

Evidence you will produce.
Criteria covered by this task:
describe the structure and organisation of the retail sector
compare the function of formats and locations in retailing

Sources of Information
Pearson, BTEC Level 3 Business, Book 2


Start Article HERE – think of an exciting headline for your article
Minimum word length 900
describe the structure and organisation of the retail sector

Start P1 Here
This is the sale of goods to the public in relatively small quantities for use or consumption rather than for resale.
Multiple – Multiple retailers are businesses that have more than 10 branches. Some stores, like Accessorize are classified as specialists stores. Whereas, stores like Boots and WHSmith are multiple variety chains as they offer a wider range of products and services. This link shows that Boots is a multiple variety stores as Boots has a variety of stores. Each store has a chemist and also sometimes opticians in them.
Department store – A department store is a large shop stocking many varieties of goods in different departments. An example of a department store is House of Fraser or Debenhams. This link shows that Debenhams is a department store that has a number of stores based in the UK.
Supermarket – These are very large stores that sell a full-range of food and non-food products, an example would be Tesco. Supermarkets are stores that are