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Montasr G

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Montasr G

Characteristics of a good report
• Word processed communication.
• Headings and Titles, page numbers and a date.
• Accurate and specific.
• Factual, should be supported by many facts.
• Complete, the report should have a clear way to end and

should not keep the reader guessing.
Objective is clear
Well organized
Grammar is correct, the use of correct grammar is mandatory. Montasr G

Benefits of word processed Communication
• Compared to a lecture, a word processing report is better

You do not have to shout and use your voice as much.
Instead of one screen for 50+ people you can give each student page to read at their own speed.
Some people might have a disadvantage when it comes to reading from a screen so far, a report printed out for each student can compensate for that.
If you missed something you can always tell students to add notes on the report its self.

Montasr G

Barriers to word processed communication and how to overcome them.
• One barrier is people start to rely on spell checker to

much, this can cause people to think they don’t need to use their brain, you can overcome this barrier by actually using common sense and not using spell checker for everything. • Another barrier can be, people will rely too much on the word processer and their hand writing skills will get a lot worse because all they do is use the word processer.
• Finally another barrier is if the program