Assignment On Managerial Concepts In Your Personal Life

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BUS 1210 – Summer-2015
Assignment # 1
The purpose of this memo is to get you to think about how you already use some managerial concepts in your personal life. Write a 2 page (MAX!) Memo describing an event that you organized this summer. It can be any activity such as a hike, dinner with friends, party, barbecue, a holiday, moving to a new apartment etc. Follow the steps outlined below and apply these headings in your Memo:
1. Goal or Purpose of the Activity
2. Planning: Provide in some detail what plans you made.
3. Organizing: What resources did you need to have on hand to implement your plan, what did you do to obtain these resources (supplies, location/venue, transportation) and what people were involved? What roles did people play in making this event happen?
4. Implementing or Leading: What happened? Describe the actual event once it began (NOT the planning and organizing) and how you participated in ensuring you met your goals and the role you played in achieving your purpose.
5. Controlling: How did you monitor whether actual events were unfolding as planned? How would you evaluate the results and what would you do differently next time?
6. How does this experience relate to managing in an organization?

1. INCLUDE: Full Name, Student Number, Class and Section
2. Point form and headings are fine. Keep the sections manageable and short.
3. Be CONCISE and to the point. This is intended to also be an exercise in writing clear, factual and explanatory memos.
4. Keep your Memo to 2 type written pages maximum.
5. Use a professional, business-like style of writing to promote clarity of your ideas (see template on page 2).

DUE May 11th at beginning of class. Hard copy only.
1. Post your answer to Point 6 (How does this experience relate to managing in an organization?) in the appropriate blackboard discussion board by 11pm Sunday May 10th

MEMO Cousin’s Sweet 16 Party
DATE: May 11, 2015