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Carrie Couldridge
Assignment 1
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With helping to contribute to percussion music lesson for seven year olds, as a teaching assistant i would make sure that the working environment was safe and tidy and that any equipment being used was safe, clean and in a good working condition. Prior to the lesson beginning I would also make sure that I had a good knowledge of the instruments being used so as I could assist the children in playing them and show them how they are used correctly and safely. When the teacher is ready to start the lesson I would assist him/her by ensuring that all the children are listening to the instructions being given to them by the teacher and that they are all behaving appropriately so as disruptions are avoided. Throughout the course of the lesson I would make sure that I was alert to any child/children that may find the lesson more challenging than others around them and assist in helping them with positive reinforcement and feedback to make them feel comfortable and confident in what they are doing.

With regards to my role in organising, using and maintaining the learning resources I would make sure that the classroom is set up before the lesson begins and make sure that any reading material was legible and undamaged. If any of the material was damaged I would either request new material to be ordered or make new copies myself as this would help the children more if it was clear and undamaged. I would also ensure when the children are in the room that all instruments and equipment was being used correctly and not being misused in any way as this can cause safety hazards for them and others around them. Finally I would make sure that at the end of the lesson the children return the equipment to where they found it at the beginning of the lesson and that the tables and floor were clean and tidy ready for the next lesson that would be taking place there.

As a teaching assistant it would be essential to be a positive role model to make clear of how to behave in the classroom and other areas of the school when around other pupils and members of staff. I would use appropriate language at all times and excel good manners to show the children how they should act around others as they would look up to us as the role models. I would make sure that all rules are adhered to and show respect to others by listening to them when they are talking. I would encourage children to work as part of a team as well as use their own initiative. I would help those who are slightly more shy and timid to have input within the group by building up a rapport with them and helping them to speak out. I would set examples to the children in the way of paying attention when someone is speaking and concentrating at all times on that tasks that have been given. Within a learning environment it’s important to try and notice when a child has shown good behaviour and make sure that it does not go unnoticed by the teacher, but at the same time trying to enforce good behaviour to those who have been displaying inappropriate actions by encouraging them with a sticker to place on a reward chart, or by any other method that the teacher has in place for good behaviour.

Strategies I might employ to encourage pupils to behave appropriately would be to make sure that the working environment is set up prior to lesson beginning as this would minimize potential disruptions. I would also make sure that when setting boundaries and rules for the children that they have an input into those rules. i would make sure that all the children were listening when these were being discussed and keep them short so as they do not lose focus…