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Chapter 1 offered a lot of information for an introduction into logistics and supply chain management. I found supply chain information systems interesting. Supply chain information systems link logistical activity into an integrated process. There are four levels of integration. The first is the transaction system. Transaction systems initiate and record individual logistics activities and their outcomes. Order selection, shipping, and pricing and invoicing are some of the transactions that are within this system. The second level is management control, which focuses on performance management and reporting. Financial, cost and asset management are some dimensions that are part of this stage. Performance measurement of these dimensions is necessary to provide feedback regarding supply chain performance. The third level is decision analysis, which is about software tools to assist managers in identifying, evaluating, and comparing strategic and tactical alternatives to improve performance. Typical analyses includes, inventory levels and management as well as vehicle routing and scheduling. The final level of supply chain information systems is strategic planning. This is the stage where development and refinement of the supply chain capabilities and opportunities is done. I found all of this interesting because it shows the process flow of how the data is created and analyzed. By seeing this represented in the form of a pyramid shape I realize how important the first three systems are to strategic planning. A term I found interesting in this chapter is cash-to-cash conversion. Cash-to-cash conversion is the time required to convert raw material or inventory purchases into