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Is there a difference between a manager and an entrepreneur? Google defines an entrepreneur as “a person who organizes and operates a business or businesses, taking on greater than normal financial risk in order to do so” and a manager as “a person responsible for controlling or administering all or part of a company or similar organization.” From the article The Entrepreneurial Manager in Health Care Organization by Kristina L. Guo I must agree that there is definitely a difference in the two, but both serving a big role in the business world. Below is a table of characteristics and responsibilities that an entrepreneur has versus a manager in general according to the reading I did.
Entrepreneur VS Manager
Risk takers
Strong character
Personal drive
Personal sacrifice
Team builder
Wealth Sharer
Trust builder
Self Reliant
Adapt quickly
Results oriented
Achievement driven
Easily stifled
Aware of own strengths & weakness
Pursuers of new opportunity
Strategize to make best choices
Perceives an opportunity, purses the opportunity, and believes success is possible
Tolerant of uncertainty
Focused on customers & market drive
Generate creativity to solve problems, when creativity is lost becomes complacent with status quo
Creates a bureaucratic environment which hinders growth and success
Highly goal oriented
Strongly capable
Change must be made to accomplish goal
New ideas to generate solutions
Develops new ideas and insights
Relies on new experience to provide guidance
Highly values new insights
Emphasize opportunities, risk and values

Responsible for achieving organizational task
Manage complexity through planning, budgeting and setting goals for future
Establish plans
Allocate resources to accomplish organizational goals
Establish and maintaining organizational structure
Staffing organization
Communication plans
Organizational management
Strategic management roles
Prepared to adapt and transform organization
Continuous access to resources
Assure safety, efficacy, efficiency, and quality of services provided
Interact between organization and environment
Decides extent on organizational transformation and adaptation
Managerial task
Activities and process
Happy with status quo since the perceived capability still exist
Makes changes but blocked from making it reality
Systemic in their actions, values, beliefs and ways to analyze and resolve problems
Decisions should be based on experience
Bases decisions on quantative analyses
Views problems as threats and unfortunate occurrences that must be controlled and resolved by data analysis
Maintaining structure
Emphasizes planning and systems control and reducing risk
(Guo, Kristina. The Entrepreneurial Manager in Health Care Organization) In the article, an exercise is provided which allows the reader to get an idea weather he/she has entrepreneurial qualities. This is done by an assessment of strengths and weaknesses. He/she will rate themselves on a scale of one to five with five being very accurate and one being not very accurate or not entrepreneurial on six of the statements given in the exercise. The three statements that I would rate myself a five, being very accurate and true about my strengths, are: organizing and motivating people, organizing resources and coordinating task, and the ability to keep the organization running smoothly. I think that all three of these statements are similar because of the fact they require some type of organization skills. As a person, I see one of my greatest strengths as being well organized whether its simple or major things for example: organizing an office/work space/desk, making an agenda for a meeting, filing system, time management schedule, shifts for work, etc. I believe that an organization or business needs someone that is well organized for it to be successful. I enjoy motivating people in the sense that anything is possible, try it out and see what happens,