The Secrets To Successful Strategy Execution

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1. INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT #1: Organizational Design.
Play the Organization Effectiveness Simulator (Booz&Co.) found in the week 2 article, "The Secrets to Successful Strategy Execution" by Neilson, Martin, and Powers (in sidebar article, "Test-Drive Your Organization's Transformation" on page 10).
1. Copy your decisions and execution scores for each of the two years and include them in your submission.
2. Copy the Summary & Recommendations page including the comparison of execution scores.
3. Explain what you learned about organizational design decisions from this simulation. (Note: this is the most important part of this assignment so give your response some thought. Spend some time looking at the individual decisions and how they impacted the scores. Use that information to show what was learned.) See the announcements for tips on how to be more successful with this assignment.
Please note that the objective of the simulation assignment is to select a company type and make changes you feel will be positive based on your understanding of the issues that company faces. In your paper, you should describe many of the changes you recommended and state specifically why these changes did or did not work based on the environment that company operates in. Without this type of detail and connecting the changes specifically to the company type, the paper will not demonstrate an understanding of the impact the changes can have or what specifically you learned.
Here is an example of questions you would ask if you selected the Passive Aggressive type of organization and chose “streamline communications” as one of your changes.
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