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EARTH MISSION: Inhabitants and Religion
For over six hundred Earth years our planet has integrated among the Earth Dwellers in an effort to understand their cultural behaviors and belief system. The following is information derived from our visitation of this small, oxygenated planet known as Earth. In an effort to gain a deeper understanding of this planet, a planet that has a wide variety of cultural inhabitants, I have concentrated my findings in an unusual topic known on planet Earth as religion. It is interesting to note that the inhabitants of this planet survive in an unusual form of peace amongst each other. Although their peace is often marred by an accepted hatred for each other in which the inhabitants somehow manage to “get along” through a system of government. This government, in combination with faith and belief, determines the right and wrong ways in which the inhabitants may communicate their discontent for each other’s views. This essay will attempt to explain this unusual phenomenon, while also researching the topic of religion, which fascinates as well as confuses these unusual creatures we know as Earthlings.
Criteria Used to Determine if Earthlings are Religious

Taking into account that societies tend to change and evolve over time, our mission began over a six-hundred year period. Three skilled researchers from our own planet were chosen to partake in this study. Each researcher came skilled with certain capabilities to better enhance their colleagues knowledge base. Thereby creating a centralized research data system in which all information could be combined, dissected and analyzed against future studies of other planetary inhabitants. By assigning one researcher to one specific mission, the researcher was able to concentrate on that specific mission, which in turn enabled them to delve further into areas that otherwise may have become overwhelming.
Researcher Number One; was chosen to study the emotional habits of the Earthlings. Their task was quite simple; infiltrate a particularly emotional event in the Earth timeline in which the inhabitants turned to faith and religion for emotional strength and solace. Researcher Number Two was chosen to study the various religious practices of different cultures; the prime goal of this research was to examine why one group of Earthlings worshipped idols, while others did not. As well as why some worshipped a deity known as Krishna (Lotha, 2013), or Budda (Lopez, 2013) while many others professed their undying faith to their “Lord Almighty God.” (Chadwick, 2013) Researcher Number Three, concentrated their research on the effects of war and death on Earthlings whose faith commands them “Thou shall not kill.”
Different methods were utilized to obtain this research. For researcher Number One, they became a nun in the Catholic Church and worked alongside such notable Earthlings as Joan of Arc (Lanhers, 2013) and Martin Luther (Hillerbrand, 2013). Researcher Number Two, became a Buddhist Monk and lived in the Himalayan mountains alongside the Dalai Lama (Higgins, 2013). Our Third Researcher chose to go to war where he served as a Church Chaplain in Earth’s World War One, and World War Two. However, his most intense research and possibly the most notable came from his research work in the Vietnam War. During this time many Earthlings found themselves emotionally lost with severe mental and physical anguish. These Humans from the Vietnam War era began a new trend of life long soul searching in the effort of trying to find the true meaning of their purpose on Earth. Three Examples of Behaviors or Beliefs Observed. To begin our understanding of Earthlings and their religious belief system we begin as their Christian bible begins. In the Beginning, “God created the heavens and the earth.” This biblical statement is the central belief in the religion known as Christianity. To gain a deeper understanding of