Assignment 207 Essay

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Assignment 207

Understand person centred approaches in adult social care settings

Task A Information leaflet
Values relate to our personal principles, morals, and ideals—that is, what we consider to be important.Each person is unique, with their own personal values and beliefs shaped by a number of factors that include culture, religion, and personal experiences.We value each person as an individual, respect their aspirations and commitments in life, and seek to understand their priorities, needs, abilities and limits.

All person centered planning tools and processes are driven by a commitment to achieve inclusive outcomes for the person whose plan it is, and the residen ts involved are always present throughout their Planning
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What if you aren't independent, confident, able, attractive etc.

Bx) You may share some beliefs, needs, wants and values etc with others but there is no one else exactly like you. Having others respect your individuality makes you feel good about yourself, ie supports your well being. If you feel disrespected and unimportant your well being will suffer.

Bxi) We try to keep a residents independent and help them make choices, such as what they would like to eat, wear and also activities they are involved in. This will help with their well being. We keep the home clean and tidy as all our residents do not like mess. If a resident would like their room tidied we are happy to clean it for them. If they like their room messy, then we just ensure that it is dirt and dust free. We have lots of photos on the walls for the residents to look at, and we also use colourful photos to as they like colour. All these things makes the residents feel good in their enviroment. If they are not happy, then we do our best to make changes that suit them.

Bxii) Making sure the residents are always happy. See to their needs and wishes. Ask them if they are ok and if there is anything we can get them. Making sure the environment suits them. Give them the support they need to keep their independence and make the right choices.

Ci) You could try to explain to him what it would include living away from his family, and how it would help him become independent. See if he would like to