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Not over ‘till everyone sings

The board members of Osterbug community had some good discussions amongst each other, in finding a way in which an opera can be beneficial to a larger audience. They started with having romantic operas, when all of a sudden Scott Ramsey had suggested they try to add comedy as well. The board members kept coming up with many suggestions such as, educational outreach, fundraising and reaching out to the visually impaired. However, I would recommend that the board should consider all the alternatives, which I just mentioned above. Everyone loves Operas, however, they have to be entertaining or else the interest will be lost amongst viewers. They should not only be entertaining, but should have some good intention behind in. This would motivate people to buy the tickets and therefore, would lead to a solid, sold out and successful opera. However, the board should first implement a plan figuring out the costs involved. As well as, determine what suggestions would be the most efficient and effective.

The Osterbug community is a non-profit organization; therefore, there are many ways to raise money. As well as, many ways to get grant funding for the operas. Outreaching to the visually impaired is a great idea to receive grants. There are two main points to consider when fundraising, firstly to stay focus and secondly to simplify. Many organizations have troubles fundraising money because the lack of their mission and goals. The main opportunities are gained through holding a fundraiser event such as a dinner/dance or auction. Once the grant funding application is approved then the budgeting factor comes in. Osterbug community would need to gather the board and staff to make proper budgeting allocations, possible outcomes and outputs.

Educational outreach would also be considered, since their target market is at the age of 50 as of