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Assignment 4 – Be able to plan a sport effectively

When working in a sports environment with participants, whether you are a coach or a leader you have several roles and responsibilities such as first aid, health and safety and equipment management. Planning for a sports event should be planned long time before the event actually is due to take place to make sure everything is in place and safe before the date.
I am going to be planning a water sport taster day at Whitlingham lane for children aged between 8-14 years old to try both kayaking and windsurfing, this is to encourage more participation in outdoor sports.
There will be one main leader in this event and it will be Adam Williams, he will have the overall responsibility for everyone’s safety throughout the event. All the equipment has to be checked to make sure that everything meets safety standards this will be the job of the leader, the leader will also have to complete all the relevant risk assessments for the whole event. It is very important to have permission to carry out such an event like this also insurance is a must, these will both be the responsibility of the leader. The leader should make sure that they have consent forms parent/guardians before delivery activity this may be because they don’t think they are physically able to take part or maybe because they think that the activity is to dangerousWhen big events like this take place more staff will be needed, it is up to the leader to find and select these staff members, because the staff will be coming into contact with children they will all have to have a CRB check, the new staffs qualifications will have to be checked to make sure they are up-to-date. It is also very important that all members of staff have a safety briefing, this is to ensure the event runs smoothly and safely the brief will be given by the leader.
There will be a large number of coaches at this event, this is because there needs to be certain amounts of coaches to participants for safety reasons. Coaches have the responsibility of the participants they are looking after. They are responsible for their own actions, making sure they instruct safely and our conforming to the health and safety rules, they are also responsible for making checks on the equipment before using it, in case damage has occurred to it during use. Coaches will have to supervise the activity completely and not get distracted, for example by being on the phone, whilst supervising the activity they will therefore see dangers and must react to them, and if there are any dangers before you start these must be shown to the participants, for example a fallen tree. Coaches must warm up themselves and the participants to avoid any injuries. To make the event a success the coaches need to be positive towards the participants, praise them and encourage them. It is an idea for when coaching not to play games which involve someone sitting still keep everyone involved and don’t always make everything into a competition. Coaches also should show participants what to do because this will make it clear to them what to do and will learn quicker and enjoy it more.

First aid
First aid is essential for any event, first aid is the treatment given to a person before medical professional help arrives. Before the event takes place a first aider will need to be found, they will need to have up-to-date training and be qualified, it will then be there responsibility to make sure the first aid box is in close access to where the activity is taking place and this is a clear safe dry location and an emergency phone is also nearby in case any emergency services need to be called. The equipment in the first aid box needs to be up-to-date, and for some items they need to be in date, all the correct equipment needs to be in the box and nothing missing. There also needs to be a first aid accident book.
Equipment: Type and use
The leader and all the coaches are responsible