Assignment: Greenhouse Gas and Carbon Dioxide Essay

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Global Warming
I. Introduction
This paper is about global warming and the possibility that is due to human actions. In addition, can the human race take action to stop global warming? I do believe that human actions have a definite factor in global warming. In past centuries, humans have influenced global climate change through the emissions of the greenhouse gases. Global warming happens when the temperature rises and the greenhouse gases trap the heat and light from the sun's atmosphere that increases the temperature. This type of effect can hurt plants, animals and people, which means with this type of change some of the plants and animals may not be able to take the change and die. The action that we as humans can take to stop global warming and reduce the greenhouse gas effect is to limit human effect on the climate cycle.
II. What is global warming? What are some of the disadvantages or advantages to global warming? (Shariff & Karachi, 2013)
Global Warming is the increase in the temperature due to the effect of the greenhouse gases, such as fossil fuel, deforestation and carbon dioxide, which traps heat that would otherwise escape from the Earth (NRDC, 2005). Global Warming can bring severe change to the atmosphere that could result into loss of human, animal life and natural resources significantly. In 2007, the United Nations released a report that stated that global warming is happening and will continue for centuries to come (Shariff & Karachi, 2013). The report stated that the activity of humans is the primary cause of the increase of temperatures over the past few decades. The disadvantages of global warming can have an adverse effect, which can be summarized as:

a) Disadvantages
•Melting ice peaks
• Increase sea level that will disturb marine life
• Rainfall patterns change from turning green areas to dry lands
• Weather change patterns that create more storms and hurricanes
• Global warming contributes to the rise of allergies and asthma
• The continuous rise of dry forest leads to more forest fires b) The advantages of global warming are as summarized as (Shariff & Karachi, 2013):
• Land that had experience with severe cold can now expect milder climate that will help with plant growth
• Since temperatures in frozen zones will go down which means it will take less energy to use to keep warm
• When there is an increase in the growing season this also means that, there will be an increase with the productivity of crops.
• As floods, increase the carrying of huge amount of sludge to remote areas can result in making infertile lands productive.
• Fewer deaths or injuries due to cold weather
• Mountains increase in height due to the melting glaciers, becomes higher as they recoil against the absence of weight of the ice
III. What causes global warming?
Global Warming is caused by numerous things; the two most effective natural causes are manmade causes (Oracle Education Foundation, 2011). a) What are natural causes of the global warming?
Natural cause of global warming is a gas that comes from nature (Stern, 2010). Methane gas is a natural gas that comes from the arctic tundra and the wetlands, which is part of the greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gas traps heat in the earth atmosphere and another natural gas would be climate change. b) Climate Change Cycles
Climate change cycles are one of the natural causes of the global warming that come about over the last forty thousand years, since earth creations the cycles of warming and cooling still continues today (Kellstedt, Zahran & Vedlitz, 2008). b) Methane Greenhouse Gas
Methane greenhouse gases are freed from several areas of the globe and from the cattle. The tundra geography and the wetlands add to the circumstance that releases these type gases into the atmosphere, where the methane gases become trapped which contribute to the increase of the warming of the planet. c) Solar Cycles and Sunspots solar cycles and sunspots