Qatar Airways Analysis Essay

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The objective of this assignment is to analyse the current situation of Qatar Airways, as well as to determine possible future strategic options through the application of theoretical frameworks such as value chain analysis, resource edit, stakeholder analysis and Ansoff matrix.

Since its re-launch in 1997, Qatar Airways has attained staggering growth in fleet size and passengers number. From four aircraft in 1997, the group grew to a fleet size of 42 in September 2005 and by 2015, the fleet size will almost triple to 110 aircraft. From its hub in Doha, Qatar Airways has developed a global network of destination thanks to its code-share partners and alliances with other companies. Qatar Airways' strengths
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The activities of a business could be divided in two groups: Primary activities and Support activities.
Primary Activities
• Inbound logistic: For Qatar Airway are kerosene, on board and airport duty free shop, aircrafts and their parts and the possibility to choose food before flying.
• Operation: In this group there are activities such as check-in, service on board, flight time-table and destination plans.
• Outbound logistic: Transportation by airplane is essentially a movement from one place to a far destination. This is the final service to customers.
• Marketing and sale: Such as promotions, advertising campaign and cooperation with travel agency. A fundamental action is to invest in global brand knowledge and diffusion. According to this, in an interview to Flottau(2007) Qatar Airway's CEO: "We would like to be a member of Star Alliance".
• Service: Such as catering and on board entertainment. For Qatar Airways this is a very crucial point that can give to the company a competitive advantage. For example, according to Fiorino(2003) "Qatar Airways is offering free access to same-day printed version of about 170 of the world's newspaper. Qatar is the