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QUESTION: You are required to analyse your own organisation or one that you are familiar with in terms of Organisational Behaviour issues. The assignment should use a variety of models and theories within your chosen topic as part of your analysis.

The purpose of writing this report is to understand the various behavioural issues which can be associated with an organisation. This report will throw light on key issues of group dynamics. The motivation, leadership team working and other aspects of the organisational behaviour would be assessed based on the main argument of group dynamics. Every aspect of the organisational behaviour cannot be discussed in this report due to the limitation of words in this academic report. However a basic understanding of the other aspects of behaviour (like motivation, leadership etc) can be understood clearly when they would be discussed. The limitations of the assignments are discussed in appendix.
In this essay we would briefly know how Orion works .Orion Edutech is a private vocational training institute, which was launched in the year 2006 by two businessmen Mr Sanjiv Kothari and Mr Manish Agarwal. The sole aim was to provide vocational education to the small towns and rural areas in India (though they have major presence in the top cities as well).At present they have more than 100 centres throughout the country. Primarily the company specialises in training candidates for the BPO industry. The subjects mainly taught were spoken English and computers. Now apart from BPO training they are also focussing on hard core computer courses like CCNA, CCNP and competitive English training like IELTS, TOEFL.
Orion Edutech has many franchisees as discussed above and all the franchisees are bounded by certain rules and regulations. The company has a Head Office which is located in Kolkata, India and zonal offices in Hyderabad and New Delhi. The franchisees are based on a pan-India network. In order to understand carefully the behavioural aspects of the training department we need to understand the hierarchy of the training department first. (See appendix1 for the chart)

In this report the behavioural aspect of a vocational training institute would be studied. The name of the organisation selected is Orion Edutech Private Limited which is based in India. Since the organisation is a private organisation (it is not listed in the stock exchange) and the author worked in the organisation, many references are drawn out of experiences in working in that organisation. Many ideas and data were taken directly from the employees,

students manager’s .All of these data could not be acknowledged appropriately .However certain consensus can be taken from the employees in general
In this section we would briefly understand what we mean by various aspects of group. This will help us to understand the relations and the tensions amongst the group members within the training group.
“Any number of people who (1) interact with one another; are psychologically aware of one another; and perceive themselves to be a group.”- (Mullins, 2002)
“The forces operating within groups that affect their performance and their satisfaction”- (Buchanan, Huczynski. A, 2010)
“Group cohesion refers to the attractiveness of a group to its members, reflected in their motivation to be a part of it, and the degree of resistance to leaving it.”- (Piper et al, 1983, cited in John Martin, 200)
There are four stages in the development of the group which are a) Forming-Initial formation of groups b) Storming-Disagreements and forceful opinions over others. c) Norming-When guidelines and directions are established. d) Performing-When the group has attained maturity.