Create A Test That Can Determine If Life Exist Elsewhere In The Cosmos

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1. Create a test that can determine if life exists elsewhere in the cosmos.

8. *Cognito Ergo Sum*. What does this mean and how does it relate to you?

"I think, therefore I am" Ive heard of this before but never really looked into it or given it any thought. To me this mean that because we and I mean humans. We think and have doubts and that sets us apart from other animals. Humans question things and each person has the ability to think for themselves and decide wether to “follow the crowd” or set themselves apart from “the crowd”. That what makes us unique compared to other animals on our planet. We have the ability to imagine things and brings those ideas to life. We become the things that visualize. For example, athletes tend to visual themselves winning the game or shootings a three point shot during a basketball game, and they achieve their vision. It’s like seeing the future. So to me “Cogito ergo sum” means that, because of the things we create first start as ideas in our head, we are living. We are not told what to think and what to create, therefore we are living creatures in this universe. No one tells us what to think, we have control of our own life and we can do whatever it is that we think is best for us. The only thing that stops us from achieving our full potential is ourselves. Negative thoughts keep us in place. So choose your thoughts carefully. Something I need to remember to do.

9. do you agree with Stephen hawking’s *did god create the universe*

I was raised in a catholic household and my parents made me go to Sunday school when I was younger and whenever I would ask a question the answer was always “god made it so”. Being younger I was satisfied with that answer only because I did not want to stay more time than I had to in Sunday school, I just wanted to go home and play video games. But as grew up that answer wasn’t enough for me and I started to loose faith when science classes started given me answer for simple question like “why is the sky blue?”. Science classes in school gave me better more detailed answers than church did. Thats what Stephen Hawking does in this show. He provides a good answer to question that been asked over and over again.

Stephen Hawking is a extremely smart on of the greatest minds we have on earth today. I watched the entire show and I do agree with him. I agree with him not because he is smart and everyone knows that he is smart. I agree with him because it makes sense and he provides examples and proof of why god could not have created the universe. If there is no time then there is no way anything could have created the Universe. This is the best explanation we have so far things can change over time as more info and research comes out. But I agree with Stephen Hawking.

I don’t think that we should get rid of religion because we al ready have proof that God could not have made the Universe. We shouldn’t get rid of religion because, religion does teach good things like good and bad actions. I just think that religion shouldn’t teach God is the answer to everything around us.

10. describe somewhere outdoors that is important to you

I grew up in White Plains, NY and down the street from out apartment building was a huge park. A park called Turner Park it is surrounded by tall apartment buildings, sort of like White Plains own “Central Park”. I has hills with huge trees that turn red, orange and brown during fall and vibrant green in the summer. It also has Cherry Blossom trees that bloom in the spring and that where the city holds its annual Cherry Blossom festival. It has two playgrounds with the typical things that you normally find at any playground like swings, slides and monkey bars. As I a kid my parents would take me and my friends and we would spend hours running and sliding at the playgrounds. This park is important to me because it is where my family would spend a lot of time when I lived in New York on the weekends. It is where just about every