Different Religions Of Prejudice And Religion In The United States

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The United States of America is a very diverse society that has many different cultures and religions. In the medical field, it is important to treat the patient based on the illness and not prejudice so that the patient can get equal amount treatment as someone with the values the doctor agrees with. In America, even though we are said to be a free country, there are still many people who discriminate against people who are not the same race or religion as they are. Even though it is wrong and unfair, it is overlooked a lot and disregarded. Many doctors who have a strong disagreement with a certain religion with let that cloud their judgment and give the patient an unfair amount of treatment. For example, if a doctor was a Catholic and the patient was Muslim, the doctor could withhold treatment from the patient. This is wrong because the doctor could save his life but instead is injuring and killing him further. Another disagreement is of a certain race. For example, say a doctor was white and the patient was African American. If the doctor has prejudice towards blacks, he probably would not treat the patient equally as he would with a white patient. This same example can be used vise versa. If the patient did not like whites, he would not allow the doctor to treat him because he cannot trust him. Both examples have a clouded judgment that needs to be overlooked so the patient can get the treatment they need to get better. It is also important for a doctor to treat the illness of the patient so that they don’t insult the patient. For example, the