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Althletes’- with a Story
Shannondoah Valentine
Rick Hanson

Athletes’- with a Story

It is easy to give up on a dream or goal because of an obstacle that stands in the way. Have you ever tried to imagine what goes through a football player’s mind while he is on the field? He could be scared, anxious, or just grateful to have the opportunity to play a sport that he worked so hard to be a part of. This is a brief yet detailed, and factual mini-biography about Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson, two talented young men who landed themselves in the big league and some of the encounters they endured along their journey. These two men are unique, yet very similar in many ways. One similarity includes both of these gentlemen playing for the Seattle Seahawks, and both are quarterbacks.
In 2012, Marshawn Lynch and Russell Wilson became co-MVP’s in a game that made Clare Farnsworth, a digital media writer for the Seahawks say “You can’t have one without the other”. These two players have somehow made things happen that people never thought possible. In a game against the Washington Redskins, Wilson helped clear the way, while Lynch finished the job and took four Washington players with him into the end zone. It has been a long road to get to this moment for both of these players who, no more than 5 years ago were just young boys with dreams of becoming football players.
Marshawn and Russell both have to be prepared for anything at any time. These extraordinary men have both played football for their colleges. Their success starts by setting goals and carving a path to attain those goals. Russell had a father who played football and baseball, and many think that is where his drive came from. Marshawn, who grew up with his mother and siblings played basketball and even sprinted for track while attending Oakland Tech. The amazing thing is though these two young athletes grew up completely different, and in two totally different places, and still they ended up in the same place at the same time. The big picture is; while living opposite lives, somehow these two men set their minds to what they wanted to do and they made their dreams come true with hard work and dedication. Regardless of Russell Wilson having some sort of injury for every practice and feeling great for every game, or Marshawn Lynch not wanting to talk to the reporters because he does not want people to know his business and that way he can enjoy his skittles in peace, both men have overcome their obstacle’s and made this life work for them in the best way they knew how. Try to imagine being on a professional football field and your team member just threw you the ball. It is coming toward you in slow motion, but ten other opposing players are coming toward you too. You know that if they get to you before the ball does it will be painful and annoying! You know in your mind that all you have to do is get across that line, but will it happen? There would be nothing more important or exciting than to make the play everybody is waiting for, then comes the thought “Oh man, am I going to get crushed?”. Either way there are many thoughts circling and dancing about out in the world’s brain. Now consider the game you are playing is being broadcasted on national television! A million people could be watching and still these players keep their minds focused on the game and what they need to do to win.
For Marshawn Lynch, the way he keeps his privacy is staying as far away from interviews and media as possible. And eat as many skittles possible while on the side lines. When the skittles subject was mentioned, Lynch stated, “You’ve got to ask my mama”. When his mother Delisa Lynch was asked she said, “I used to feed them to Marshawn when he was about 12 or 13 during Pop Warner football, and tell him it was his power pellets”. Lynch, also known as “Beast Mode”, has been known to actually cause an earthquake by running the football, and making a touchdown. It was