Aural Learner Essay

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Aural Learner

What is an aural learner?
An aural learner (auditory learner) are very good listeners. They tend to absorb information in a more efficient manner through sounds, music, discussion, teachings, etc. These individuals will be more likely to record lectures so that they can replay them at a later time for study purposes. According to, an aural individual concentrates best by receiving new or difficult information by listening to themselves or someone else talking, and they replay information in their heads. An auditory learner appreciates books on tape and may find that reading aloud will help them to retain information. Rather than written reports, an auditory learner tends to do better on oral presentations and reports. Why knowing learning styles are important?
Learning styles are important to know; according to most people use a combination of learning styles, but they usually have a clear preference for one. Knowing the types of learning styles is important to individuals of all ages, instructors and students. For instructors, it helps them deliver the best possible training to their students; for students, it helps them learn and retain information in the best possible way. Additionally, educational states that the trick is figuring out the preferred modality and capitalizing on strengths.

What are some effective training methods and strategies to enhance the learning abilities of an aural individual?
Instructors can have individuals read pertinent sections of material aloud
Vary projection; speed, volume, and pitch as appropriate to help create interesting tones
Using slide presentations or a visual aid of another sort, boldly highlight key points or key words to help avoid confusion due to pronunciation
Ensure individuals are in a position where they can hear well
Include multimedia applications when possible utilizing sounds and music if and when practical
Record discussions and listen to them in a more comfortable place
Writing down notes and taping them
Utilize audiotapes to enhance knowledge of a subject
Read aloud information aloud when studying alone
Sit in a position where they can hear well
Ask questions for better understanding
Participate in study groups or study with a partner
Repeat facts with eyes closed
If an instructor can structure their teaching or at least portions of the teaching presentations, the aural learner would benefit tremendously; however, keeping in mind that the presentation must also accommodate the other types of learners as well. If the aural learner follows the tips outlined above, they will more than likely understand what is being presented and retain the information more easily. Law school outlines five study tips for auditory learners; record lectures, participate in study groups, visit your professors in office hours, talk out questions, use word association. All of these methods that have been outlined would benefit the aural learner tremendously. Who is one of the many authors of learning styles?