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The Jungle What exactly is the American Dream? In the contents of The Jungle in the early 1900s century the American dream was a thought up lifestyle that the immigrants lived by to keep their life going whether or not they were actually living the American dream. Before immigrating to the United States they were told upon arrival that their life would be filled with luxury items, work would come easy and pay well, and their children would grow up living a life worth living. They came to America with this dream of good life and a good government that would protect them but in reality it did the exact opposite. But the dream was never actually crushed even with all the hardships they have endured, they had a preconceived notion that the American dream was still achievable and if they worked hard enough good things would happen. This was not the case for many immigrants during the early ninetieth century especially Jurgis and his family. The American dream was always achievable in Jurgis’s mind, after the wedding when they were left with the large saloon bill Jurgis says he will work harder to earn the extra money. There might have been times where doubt surrounded his head but he always tried to pick up the pieces and make life as best as he could in the terrible environment of Packingtown. The American dream was far from reached for many immigrants in the ninetieth century but the thought kept them moving still trying to pursue that dream. The Jungle by Upton Sinclair was published in 1906 based off real lifestyle event that Sinclair witnessed while writing the novel. Once Sinclair found a declared publisher and the book was published it became an instant hit. The book portrayed real life experiences that related to all the people who worked in factories and industries. It made the public realize the hardships the factory workers were encountering and was an inspiring story for all other immigrants in the United States. The fact that the book took the factory workers lives and put them all into reality made it an instant success. All the people reading this book around the United States became aware of the harsh conditions the industrial workers were enduring. The book was a success if you look at the income and viewer ratings but that wasn’t was Sinclair was after. The whole point of this book was to stop the hardships in the factories by portraying what was said to be the American Dream. The public started to outcry of the meatpacking industry and The Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 was established, but this did not protect the lives of the