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Authentic Leadership

My scores of the authentic leadership self-assessment questionnaire suggested that I have an authentic leadership style. I scored a 16 in self-awareness, a 16 in internalized moral perspective, a 13 in balanced processing, and a 16 in relational transparency. The purpose of the questionnaire is to determine the authenticity of ones leadership from the four aforementioned categories. A 16-20 indicated strong authentic leadership whereas scores below 15 suggest weak leadership.
I feel my strongest category is self-awareness, although I only received a 16 in this category. I know exactly what my strengths and weakness are and am comfortable admitting them. I appreciate feedback from others and use it to gauge how well I’m doing on something. I gave myself a 3 though, because I don’t apply it to understand who I am as a person. I suppose that is something I should work on.
Internalized moral perspective is another one of my strong features. I rarely give in to pressure from a group, even friends, and am comfortable owning my stance on controversial issues. I have personal morals that I take consider when making decisions and my actions reflect them.
Balanced processing is my weakest category. I usually make up my own mind and don’t seek help from others and if someone disagrees with me, I usually do what I feel is right anyway. I’m vocal with my opinions and usually don’t hesitate to tell people who may disagree, not in a mean way, just in a “this