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(This is a legally bindingcontract. Ifnot understood, seek competent advice).
The word apartment shall include single-family residence, duplex, triplex and any residential unit.
THIS LEASE made and entered into on this 14th day of May 2015 , by and between Immanuel Enterprises LLC. (Hereinafter referred to as Lessor or Landlord) and, ,
(hereinafter referred to as Lessee or Tenant), by JMA Realty, (hereinafter referred to as Agent for Lessor).
1. PROPERTY ADDRESS: The lessor does hereby lease and rent unto the Lessee and the Lessee does hereby take as tenant under said lease situated at in Jefferson County. Alabama to be sued bythe Lessee and other lawful occupants only as a private dwelling house/apartment and for no other different objects or purposes.
2. TERM. The lease term shall begin on the 1st day of June 2015. and end on the 31st day of July 2016. After the initial term, this leases shall renew from month to month thereafter, provided that in no event shall this lease extend for more than a ten-year term. Either party may terminate this lease by giving the other party written notice not less than sixty (60) days written notice in advance ofthe next upcoming renewal term.
3. RENT. The rent is to be paid in monthly installments of $750.00 dollars) The monthly rent and other charges due here under are due to be paid at the Owner's or Agent's address which is 3844 41st Ave North Birmingham. AL 35217. or such other address designated in writing by the landlord or the landlord's agent, in advance on or before the first day of each month without demand. If rental is not paid by the first of the month,the tenant willbe in default. If the rental is unpaid after the5^ day of the month orbefore the 10th day ofthe month, a late charge of$25.00 will be due and payable. Ifthe rental is unpaid after the 10th day of the month, a late charge of $60.00 will be due and payable. In the event of a dishonored bank check from tenant, tenant
AGREES to pay $35 as damage for each dishonored check. The owner, at the sole discretion, may require payment of rent with certified check, money order or cash.
4. POSSESSION. As the leased premises are in an apartment building or complex with many apartments and as the occupancy of one tenant might interfere with the leasing or enjoyment of other apartments, therefore, without reflection upon Lessee, it is agreed and understood that in the event the Lessee or occupants of the leased premises shall in the reasonable judgment of the
Lessor, such judgment to be conclusive engage in any act or perpetrate any conduct that could interfere with the leasing of other apartment or the quiet enjoyment of other apartments by other tenants, then the Lessor shall have and does reserve the right to terminate the lessee and re-enter and take possession ofthe leased premises at any time, after first giving notice as required by law to terminate this lease.
5. DAMAGE TO PREMISES. Lessee shall pay the expenses of replacing all keys lost or broken, and maintain the premises in such condition as the same are in at the commencement of the term or may be put in during the term, reasonable wear and tear excepted, and Lessee shall permit no waste of the leased premises not allow the same to be done, but Lessee shall take good care of the same and Lessee is and shall be responsible and liable for any injury or damage done to the teased premises, or the building in which the same are located, by the Lessee, his employees, or any occupant of or other persons who Lessee permits to be in or about the leased premises. Lessee shall not attach any article of permanent character or sign containing writing or printing to any window, floor, ceiling, door, or wall without the written consent of the Lessor and Lessee shall on the termination of this lease surrender to Lessor the quiet and peaceable possession of the premises in like good order at the commencement of the term,…