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Official Florida Driver’s Handbook • 2014


ment practices require the collection of certain personal information in the driver licensing process. This personal information identifies an individual and is used for records management, driver improvement, financial responsibility, and law enforcement purposes.

The Florida Driver’s Handbook covers many condensed and paraphrased points of Florida’s laws and provides safety advice not covered in the laws. The handbook is not a legal authority and should not be used in a court of law. The Florida
Driver’s Handbook is printed in volume and copies already obtained will not reflect any changes made by Legislature regarding fees or laws passed after the revision date.

Failure to provide the required information will result in denial of a license or identification card. Falsification of information may result in prosecution. Florida law specifies that all documents or other material made or received in connection with the transaction of official business by any agency are public records. In addition to all documents, information taken from them is subject to public disclosure under Florida’s Public Records law. This personal information, including name, address and driver license number is confidential by law, but may be given to law enforcement agencies, insurance companies, credit bureaus, lending institutions, and any other entity exempted by statute. Medical information, social security number and emergency contact information are further protected and may only be released as specifically authorized by
Florida law.

Remember Driving Is A
Privilege and Not A Right.
Protect Yourself and Others
By Knowing The Laws and
Driving Safely.

Under section 322.212 (5), Florida Statutes, it is a third degree felony to use a false or fictitious name in any application for a driver license or identification card, or to knowingly make a false statement, knowingly conceal a material fact, or otherwise commit a fraud in any such application.
Violators face immediate arrest and, upon conviction, penalties up to a maximum fine of $5,000 and imprisonment up to 5 years.

The Division of Motorist Services strives to ensure the accuracy of information obtained in the licensing process and makes every effort to correct any incorrect information in its files. Incorrect information may be corrected by supplying your complete name, date of birth, driver license number, information on the nature of the error and proof that it is an error to the Chief, Bureau of Records, Neil Kirkman Building, MS 89, Tallahassee, Florida
32399-0575, or telephone (850) 617-2000..
Certain information, such as conviction reports received from a court, can only be corrected upon notification from the court that the report was in error.

The Florida Department of Highway
Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV)will suspend the driving privilege for one year of any person who makes a fraudulent application for a Florida driver license.
Under section 322.36, Florida Statutes, it is unlawful for any person to authorize or knowingly permit a motor vehicle to be operated by any person who does not hold a valid driver license.

Public Records
Florida law and sound records manage2

Official Florida Driver’s Handbook • 2014
Automobile insurance information is exempt from the Public Records Law.
This information is provided to any party involved in the crash, their attorney or insurance company, law enforcement agencies and officers of the court, after receiving a written request and copy of the crash report.

lane unless passing. s. 318.081 F.S.
• Revises due process procedures for red light camera violation. This change allows placement of a stop on any vehicle owned or co-owned by the offender.
• Establishes when a private entity may swipe a driver license or identification card and how the data may be used. Also establishes