Automobile and Family Essay

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For my Mandela, I included six symbols. These symbols include a heart, a rainbow, a house, the Playstation Logo, a cell phone, and a car tire. The first three symbols, the heart, rainbow, and house, together demonstrate that I love to socialize and make new friends and spend time at home with my family. The last three, the Playstation Logo, a cell phone, and the car tire demonstrate together that I love electronics and playing with, fixing, or using anything that moves. All the symbols come together as one because I like to do things with electronics and motors with my friends and family.
The first symbol in my Mandela is a heart. This symbolizes that I love my family. I value my family as the number one thing in my life. I think if anyone doesn’t have a family or someone they care about and treat like family, their life will be full of loneliness. I also like spending time with my family. In India, I visit my grandparents, in Saudi Arabia I have uncles, and in California I have cousins. We do a lot of things together like watch movies or go jet-skiing.
The second symbol I included is a rainbow. The rainbow represents friendship. I love to socialize and make new friends. Friends keep me from being bored all the time. If I’m bored, I’ll call some friends over and we will play basketball or go to the park. Just like family, friends help let loose of some stress because if they are the same age, they usually have that problem bugging them too; for example a large final test.
The third symbol I included was a house. The house represents safety and comfort. As the saying goes “there is no place like home,” I think it is very important to have a place to refer to as home. Home is where I can relax and spend time with my family. At home, I can do my homework and watch TV. Also, home is very important because it can work as a “standard” for all aspects of my life. I spend time with my family at home by eating dinner together or watching a movie in the living room. I can also spend time with my friends at home by playing video games or watching shows or games like the Super Bowl.
The fourth picture in my Mandela is the Playstation logo. The logo is found on products made by Sony, and the Playstation is a gaming console. I included this symbol in my Mandela because the logo represents entertainment. When I am bored, the first thing that I do is play my PS3 (because it is better than the Xbox) for entertainment. It also helps my bring my family close together because we can watch movies on it or play games like Madden 13 on it. Entertainment is also important for me because if there was no entertainment, life would be full of stress and be super boring. Entertainment lets me let loose and forget about the stress. I can also play video games with my friends on the Playstation for entertainment.
The fifth picture I included is a cell-phone. The cell-phone symbolizes my love for electronics and the internet. My love for electronics started out when I was very little. I got my first “electronic” when I was three years old. My cousin had given me the Gameboy Color. Now, I have many more gaming devices and I fix peoples phones for a lot cheaper than what the stores charge. I learned how to fix phones when my friend had broken her iPhone screen and didn’t want to