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Whether you’re a student or an office employee who frequently works on the computer, you might have experienced one of those “computer emergencies” wherein important files got accidentally deleted. You may know how to retrieve those files from the Recycle Bin or Trash folder, but what if they’re not in those folders anymore? Or maybe the important data stored in your external hard drive or some other form of backup got lost.

These instances show how important it is to have a secure backup for all your important files. Fortunately, there is such a service called cloud or online backup where you can store all your photos, music, e-mail messages, videos, important documents and more – without the need for a physical storage. The service is provided by sites like MyPCBackup. Here, we will have a review of the features, security level, quality of support and overall rating of the site as compared to similar online backup sites.
First, what are the features offered by MyPCBackup? Here’s a quick look:

• 100% Automated Backups
The main reason why you’re subscribing to the services offered by the likes of MyPCBackup is for you to be able to backup all your data without the need for a physical device. With MyPCBackup, there is a fully automated backup system which allows you to duplicate your files in a hassle-free manner.
• Unlimited Storage
If you’re a music lover and you have tons of MP3 files stored in your computer, you can back these up using the unlimited storage feature offered by MyPCBackup.
• Data Security & Privacy
One of the best features offered by MyPCBackup is the fact that they use the same encryption technology used by banks to keep data safe. Once you start storing files in the system, they remain safe and secure.
• No File Type Restrictions
There are some online backup sites which only accept documents or pictures for storage. With MyPCBackup, you can backup almost any type of file including the not-so-common executable files and graphics.
• Easy File Restoration
More importantly, MyPCBackup has an easy file restoration system which allows used to restore files from the Control Panel or desktop with just a few clicks.
As mentioned earlier, MyPCBackup utilizes the same encryption technology used by banks to secure your data. The minute that you start backing up your files through their system, you can rest assured that it is only you who will have access to your files. The way that most online backup systems work is by protecting the file while they are in the process of being stored. Then, the encrypted data is stored on the cloud server.

With MyPCBackup, you can rest assured that all your files are amply protected. This means that you can backup even the most sensitive financial documents that you have such as your tax-related documents – and no one will have access to them but you.
Customer Service
When you go to the official website of MyPCBackup, they do have a comprehensive Help Center section. First, you can search their Knowledge-base if you have no idea about how to start backing up your files. Second, there’s a Frequently Asked Questions section where you can get the answers to the typical problems that customers encounter when backing up their data.

You can also submit a ticket or watch their video tutorials. With the video tutorials, you can pretty much have a step-by-step guide on how you can install the software, start backing up files and sync your data. This is one of the standout features of MyPCBackup in terms of support, and they have a pretty good technical support team to address customers’ inquiries.
Even if you’re not a computer whiz, you can use MyPCBackUp’s online backup system. Nobody wants to go through the horrors of not knowing how to get back an important file that you accidentally deleted. With the help of online backup systems such as the