Balance At Work

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I find it challenging to balance my studies with work, family, and other responsibilities. I have no time to do it all but find time to get it done somehow. Monday through Friday, I get up at 6 am and feed all the animals, I have two cats named Rabbit Stew Bugs and Tiggie Poops and one dog called Biggin Bears. I then get dressed for work, get my husband up. At 7 am Me, and my husband is out the door to drive to work. We work together. We are at work by 7:45 am. I'm an office manager/service writer at a mechanic shop on the Southside of Columbus Ohio called Automedics, Inc. My husband is the head technician. Here I write up customer's work orders on the computer and make sure all the work the technicians do is complete and accurate. I make phone calls to customer's and give them estimates to see if they want us to complete the work on their …show more content…
I take payment and make sure the customers get the correct receipt. Then around Noon time, I take lunch and back at work by 1 pm. I keep this up till 5:30 pm when I'm cleaning my desk and area up and making sure the technicians get all the customer's cars that still need work is safely inside the building and start locking the doors for the day. I get home at 6 pm and start housework and getting dinner ready. I start with the dishes and clean up the kitchen. I take the dog outside and spend some play time with him. By 7 pm I'm going over my Criminal Justice assignment and making sure I get some of this done before my deadline. Around 8 pm I'm showered and back at my homework. At 9 pm I call and make sure my Mom and Dad are ok and well, and if they need anything. By 9:30 pm I'm getting my clothes ready for the next day. At 10 pm it's bedtime for all in my house. Then the day starts all over. Saturday and Sunday are also busy