Band Get New Practice Room

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* Band Gets New Practice Rooms * By Ian Henshaw * * With the new renovation the band has been given an all-new set of practice rooms. These rooms from Wenger are much more advanced than anything they have had before. *
When asked about the new practice rooms Megan Elliott said “They are amazing. You can change the acoustics in the room with the push of a button. At one moment you are playing in a practice room the other you’re playing in an arena.” These practice rooms vary in size but are all very spacious. When asked about the usage of the practice rooms because of the size Christian Wilson said “The largest practice rooms can fit a lot of people, which will help a lot during ISSMA (Concert Band and Wind Ensemble contests) and Solo and Ensemble competitions (for solos and small ensembles) When it is imperative for students to stay after school to practice.” * * The practice rooms can also connect to your MacBook to record and send in assignments via the Garage Band application. You also have the ability to record straight into the practice room and have back what you recorded. The ability to do this will allow Mr. Conrad to assign more tests to help push the band students to get even better. * * The rooms settings are changed just by simply flipping a switch to turn the room on and then pushing the button of the setting you want. With nine settings ranging from practice room to a concert hall to an arena any sound can be achieved with