Developing Professional Practice Essay

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CIPD Intermediate Level 5 Assessment Cover Sheet

|Centre Name: Bahrain Institute of Banking and Finance |
|Candidate Name: Ali Al-Laith |
|CIPD Registration No: 22357848 |Unique Learner No (ULN): |
| |(if applicable) |
|Qualification Title: Human Resources Diploma - CIPD Level 5-DHRM
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It is a very useful and effective tool for HR professional to keep track on their personal development on the go. It is a tool that supports HR practitioners all through their career life. It provides help and assistance at any stage for HR professionals’ career. Based on a certain verified standards, HR professionals can assess themselves and find gaps that require further developments. The map has 10 professional areas (two of which are core areas), and eight behaviors. The behaviors and professional areas are ranked into four bands which resembles levels or steps on the map ladder. The map is used for all HR personnel level, from generalists, through specialists to professionals. The specifies the requirement of each level in all the HR aspects. Among its advantages, on individual level, HR personnel can plan for their career development, prepare for performance evaluation, apply for promotion, seeking for new posts, seeking for the right training and development, prepare carefully for interviews, and building practitioner’s activities. For the organization, it will help in identifying organizational core competencies, developing progression and succession plans, identifying competency gaps, building competency framework, identify training gaps, developing development programs. . . etc.

How does it Work?

The HR profession map was designed to help HR personnel understand what they need to do, what knowledge