Bud Not Buddy Essay

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Bud Caldwell is ten years old. At the age of six, Bud’s mother died. Bud lives in an orphanage, called the Home, since he does not have any family members to take care of him. When Bud heard he was going to live with the Amos, he wasn’t very excited. He heard that Mr. and Mrs. Amos’ son, Todd, was two years older than he is. Bud’s friend, Bugs, was going to live with a family that had three little girls. Bud would rather take Bugs’ new family than live with a twelve year old boy any day. Bud had a suitcase full of important things like a photo of his mother, rocks that his mother gave to him from different states and flyers that could lead Bud to his father (who he thought was Herman E. Calloway). The next morning after Bud arrived at …show more content…
Bud walked up and down the book shelves and he still couldn’t find Miss Hill. Bud went to the front desk and asked the woman where he could find Miss Hill. She told him that Miss Hill was married and she was now living in Chicago. Bud was shocked and asked the woman how long it would be to go from Flint to Chicago. Like any other librarian, she looked in a lot of informational text books and told bud the exact time and miles it was from Flint to Chicago. The librarian recognized Bud and gave him a book all about the civil war to read. Once night fell, the librarian said it was time for him to go. Bud couldn’t believe how fast time flew. The woman told Bud bye and said that she would see him tomorrow.

While Bud was asleep, he heard a twig crack. He pulled out his silver knife and pulled his blanket over his head. He heard a whisper that said “Bud, it’s me, Bugs.” Bud was relived it was Bugs. Bugs said that he heard that Bud got in a fight with Todd. Then, he told him about this train that was heading from Hooper Ville to Chicago. Bud thought it was a good idea to get on the train, so he agreed to acutance Bugs on the journey. The next day, Bugs and Bud asked for directions to get to the town called Hooper Ville. Once they got directions, they headed out to the city. Once they got there, it didn’t look like what they expected. A man told them that this was the Hooper Ville of Flint. Bugs and Bud thought they got the wrong