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When evaluating my work in the class along with strengths and weaknesses; I have found ways that help me to improve those weak points. Breaking it down into a few categorized assignments is the best way to evaluate my work. Starting with my homework which is always turned in on time with a grade of four out of five, or better. I do extremely well on the quiz’s, with returning grades of A’s or B’s. My strengths over the course of the class would be the multiple ways to combine simple sentences, for starters. Secondly, recognizing and correcting fragments, as well as recognizing adjectives and adverbs. Another strength of mine is correcting run-on sentences and comma splices. While I have many strengths I have weaknesses throughout the course too. A few weaknesses I have are correcting problems with modifiers and remembering all the main verb forms. In order that I’m able to remember all the four main verb forms, and understand modifiers, practicing exercises and reviewing the chapter will continue my learning. Like every class there are helpful and least helpful aspects of the class, and I will explain those along with ways I would improve the least helpful aspects, from my perspective. Methods that are very useful for me, the textbook chapter exercises, that become completed while covering chapters together as a unit in the class. I’m also given time to complete an exercise solo, or with a partner, usually solo. Together as a class we go over that exercise, and continue the lesson. I don’t like when we do exercises in our textbook, how an answer is given, but we don’t go in further detail of why that’s the correct answer. If I were to improve this aspect, I’d start with the chapter exercises. Instead of classmates shouting the answer, have the instructor go in further, more elaborate detail of why that is the appropriate answer. I believe this would help me with the more difficult chapters throughout the course. What makes writing good? How do you make your writing clear and effective? These are questions we ask ourselves, but have learned over the course in different forms. Firstly, combining sentences helps to avoid an erratic