Barack Obama and Conscience Essay

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Betrayal is a subject one of the greatest Novelists in English history knows very well. Joseph Conrad believed that “all a man can betray is his conscience.” He had faith in this statement and stood by it. As one of the greatest novelist in English writing history, his assertion was greatly questioned. Joseph’s statement is true. Throughout life we see more and more than we betray our own conscience and it can hold its own prices and consequences. Betraying your conscience is basically going against what you stand for and against your morals. His statement is held true because the hardest person to convince is yourself, and the worst thing you can do is betray yourself. We are what we make ourselves to be. Weather we are good, bad, or evil, our decisions influence how others perceive us and most importantly, how we perceive ourselves. You are your own person no matter who stands in your way or who try to change you. You can make bad decisions and cover them up with more lies, but just remember the hardest person to convince is yourself. No matter what we tell others, its easier to let them believe what you tell them but the only person who knows exactly what you’ve done is you. To try to lie to yourself Is the greatest challenge of all. By betraying your conscience you are going against your mind and trying to convince yourself what you did what right. People experience this kind of trouble every day in life. For example Landon Donovan, a famous MLS soccer player, was offered a spot on a European soccer team that offered him more money and twice the fame, but he declined it. Still now he is trying to convince himself if that was the right decision to stay with his club in America. This shows Donovan betraying his conscience telling him to go with the other team. Another example is from the book “Hoot”. This book is a fascinating daring story about a few high school kids trying to rally a group of protesters to prevent a new company from building on a site where an endangered family of owls lives. In this book a man, who is engineering a bulldozer, is about to destroy the family of owls home. He knows in his conscience that it is very wrong what he is doing, but he knows for his job. When he kills the family of owls he feels bad and knows he betrays his conscious and still tries to convince himself he did the right thing. Have you have that feeling if regret and remorse? This is the worst feeling ever. People set morals and standards for themselves. When they go against their feelings, it can be a pretty tough thing to deal with. The worst thing you can do is betray yourself. Betraying yourself is going against everything you believe in. Wither it be small to big it’s never a good feeling to have. By betraying your conscience you betray yourself. Betraying others can be a bad harmful