Essay on Barriers To Healthcare Services

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A financial barrier is cash flow problems that may stop you from accessing the health service you require for example if you require private treatment or a prescription for medication. These all cost money and can be a problem if the service user doesn’t have access to the money that they need. To overcome this barrier they could refer her to the NHS so that he/she is able to receive the treatment that they may require. Another financial barrier could be money for transport if you don’t have access to a vehicle this could be a problem because you would have to use public transport. To overcome this barrier you could request that your appointment/treatment time to be moved to a more convenient time when you will have

money or some health care services e.g. hospitals provide free transport for their patients.

Geographical Location is where you live. This is another barrier that also links to the last barrier this is a big problem when accessing health care services because if you are given an appointment at a hospital outside of your borough this may pose a problem because you’re unfamiliar with the area. To overcome this barrier you could ask if you could receive treatment in a borough you’re more familiar with or if your appointment is given to you in a borough that is far you could request a change of a borough that is closer to you.

Another geographical barrier is not being able to get to your health care service provider, this can be overcome because some health care services e.g. hospitals provide free travel from a certain part of a borough e.g. the centre of town, this can also be linked to financial barriers if they couldn’t afford to travel to their health care provider. Social Class is someone’s status in society and this depends on how much money they earn or have. This can be a barrier because the upper class usually have private health care this is because they are born into money or own land so they can afford private health care, middle class people have a lot of money but they work for their money and working don’t have a lot of money and they work for their money and their jobs don’t usually include health care insurance and they can’t usually afford private health care, away to overcome this barrier is to make sure everyone has access to healthcare is to make sure if you can afford private healthcare that they use it to make sure that those who can’t afford to pay for their health care have access to the NHS. This might also be a barrier because someone may be refused treatment because they can’t afford it. Away this can be overcome is by applying for a loan or seeking help from the government who might get you financial help so you can receive your treatment. Another barrier is if the patient can’t afford to pay for their prescription, a patient can overcome this by being given a concession this means they don’t pay full price for their prescription.
A disability is when someone has the inability to see hear or mobilize. A disability can cause environmental problems such as; there not being a ramp or a lift so you have access to a building, also if someone is visually impaired and a building is has clashing colours this can make it hard for someone to navigate