Basketball and Ray Allen Essay

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Justin Sison
English 9C
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Role Models

Role models are people who’s achievements in life, inspire those to do their best. Whether they’re rich and famous, or just regular people, most people have one. Even I do, and that person inspires me to do my best. My role model happens to be Ray Allen. Ray Allen has been playing professional basketball player for 15 years, and he is currently on my favorite team, the Boston Celtics. The way he inspires me is though his ability and dedication. Not only is he a hall of famer, not only does he hold many records, but he is also a great father. Ray Allen has been a professional basketball player for 15 yrs. Throughout his career, he has established himself as a premiere shooter. When he retires, he will be awarded as a Hall Of Famer. That is one of the highest achievements in basketball could reach; to be honored along with all of the NBA Legends such as: Michael Jordan, “Magic” Johnson, Larry Bird, and others. If I ever get the chance to play professional basketball, I hope to also be introduced to the Hall Of Fame, just as Ray Allen was. Out of all the positions in basketball Ray Allen plays shooting guard. This, of course, involves shooting. He happens to be a master of this art. He is a consistent 3-point shooter, and this consistency has led to him breaking several records. I understand that some people don’t understand the rules and basics of basketball, but consider this. In one game alone, he tied and beat at least 5 records involving 3-pointers. He is also on pace to beat the all-time 3-point record, previously set by Reggie Miller. I hope to be just as good a shooter as Ray Allen is. While Ray Allen