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Basketball Shooting - The Art & Science of Shooting a Basketball
Basketball Shooting Is Both Art and Science
Fundamentals of Shooting A Basketball
By Coach Jerry Tarkanian
Shooting a basketball is both an art and a science. Basketball shooting is an art form because it involves finely tuned hand-eye coordination rather than gross motor skills.
For example, unlike such skills as the defensive stance and pivoting, which are relatively invariable, shooting form is highly individualistic. There is no one correct way of shooting a basketball, although there are certain elements of basketball shooting form common to all good basketball shooters that may be identified.
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Shooting a basketball is also a science
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Players should turn to the basket whenever they catch a pass or pick up their dribble. They may have to protect the ball as they turn to face the basket, but they still need to turn.
Basketball Shooters Grip
Fundamentals of Basketball Shooting
Proper grip is also fundamental to basketball shooting success. The basic grip varies slightly from player to player, but certain common traits may be identified; the hands close together on the ball, fingers (and thumb) of the shooting hand spread, the shooting hand under (not behind) the ball, and the ball resting on the pads of the fingers and hand, not in the palm of the hand.
A one-hand shot is just that, a shot taken with one hand providing most of the force and direction. The other hand is applied to the ball mainly to stabilize the grip – that is, to keep the ball from falling out of the basketball shooting hand and to make it more difficult for a defender to knock the ball out of the shooter’s hand. The two hands should be fairly
Basketball Coaching Manual
"All really successful coaches have a system." - Jim Valvano
Basketball Playbook
In Search ofclose together, with the thumbs two to three inches apart on the ball. The shooting hand should be under the ball, with the other hand on the side of the ball to stabilize the grip.
The fingers of the basketball shooting hand should be spread almost to maximum. To discover whether the spread is adequate, check the amount of daylight