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How to Play Basketball Basketball is one of the most well-known sports in the world. Everyone loves the NBA and truly admires their great achievements, but basketball is mainly popular because of variety in the sport. Basketball has a ton of things to learn, which means there is always something you can improve in. First there are the basics skills. Then you must learn the advance skills. Lastly, to fully master basketball an individual has to understand the game. Usually, the most successful players start at a very young age. Ages 5 – 12 is usually the age range where athletes learn the fundamentals of the sport. Fundamentals includes; shooting, dribbling, and passing. Each fundamental can take years to master, but these are the things a basketball player have to know. Shooting requires the perfect timing, strength, aim, and height. It sounds like a lot, but basketball is very repetitive, and you must practice things over and over to master it. Dribbling requires great timing, and hand control. Then there is basic passing, which is similar to shooting, but the height is much lower than shooting. Once you understand the basics, you are able to move on to the advance skills of basketball. The advance skills of basketball is usually the point where people slack. The advance attributes of basketball are the same as the basics, but it is much more difficult to master. It takes a large amount of hard work, and even more determination. It takes hard work because you will have to put in time and effort. It takes determination because things will get tough at times, and you must get your eyes on the prize. The first difficult skill is shooting challenging shots. Challenging shots consist of: fade away, a defended shot, and a drifted shot. A fade away shot takes great body control, and the right angle with the rim. A defended shot takes a massive amount of concentration. Then a drifted shot, which requires timing in the jump, and good footwork. Advance dribbling comes from being creative and learning from other great players. Advance passing take years to master and understand. It is all in the wrist and direction you twist the ball with your fingers. Understanding the sport is critical to all the advance skills. Understanding the game (also known as basketball I.Q) is where most fail. The greatest players have a deep understanding of the game. Having a high basketball I.Q means you have great timing playing the game. Basketball is a thinking game.