Batteries Included Essay

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June 8, 2013

I was concerned about the reaction I saw among some associates and employees as our organization approached an anticipated major adjustment of mission and territory. These changes had been planned with care and were presented and explained with thought and compassion. There were many new opportunities awaiting all who would participate. But as the event began to unfold, morale sagged and we experienced unusual levels of staff turnover. Thus, these observations.

Change - New horizons.

Insects, trees, mammals, fish, birds - all have hard or protected exteriors and soft fleshy innards. Bark, scales, fur, feathers, shells and spines protect natural life from the exigencies of their environment, from predators’ threats and climactic changes.

Humans by contrast come into the world naked and naked we are totally exposed and vulnerable. We are soft, tactile, pleasing, sensitive and sensual. And we are totally vulnerable when we give or surrender ourselves to another. (Love?)

When swaddled in blankets and darkness, we are fetal in a solitary bed.

We humans protect ourselves by attitudes, activities, behaviors, acquisitions and attire. When clothed, our uniform – our attire - signals our purpose, our responsibility or importance. Familiar things and activities surround us. They are barriers between our vulnerability and a fearsome world.

A fearsome world in which change is seen as risky and a form of death. Change leaves behind that which we know and have under some kind of control, and we embark for the unknown - uncertain and anticipated.

The control we feel in our comfort zone is a sense of knowing where familiar things are and how they are likely to behave, thus allowing us to plan and act instinctively in response, defense or appreciation.

If I can understand these concepts about those who fear and resist change, then I must also understand the…