Battle Royal Essay

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The American dream is something that people always look for when they come to America. But what is the American dream? In my opinion it’s the ideals of freedom, equality, and opportunity traditionally held to be available to every American. But that wasn’t the case before because in America slavery was present. In “Battle Royal” we can observe that slavery it’s gone but racism stayed. And with that present not everybody can be part of the American dream.

Many people try to be part of the American dream but not everybody can do it. Back in the 50’s, when “Battle Royal” was written, the protagonist expectations and all his effort was similar to the American dream, he wanted to change the point of view of many white people by giving a speech, but no body paid attention to him. “I spoke automatically and with such fervor that I did not realize that the men were still talking and laughing until my dry mouth, filling up with blood from the cut, almost strangled me. I coughed, wanting to stop”(Ellison 46). His effort was noticeable, but no body was interested on what the boy was saying, and until now we have that problem, where people of color or Hispanic never get attention, and that’s how the American dream gets killed for all those people, that’s why many of us have to work harder than other to obtain it.

If you put a lot of effort to what you want to accomplish you will get it that’s the message of the reading and I think that’s a good message, nothing comes easy to your life.
After the narrator struggled, fought, got beaten up and also was ignored by people, he kept on my mind why he was there and what he was supposed to do. Perseverance makes a winner and that’s what people do not understand, hard work leads you to a better place and intelligence and virtue makes a better person and always leads you to success. “I felt an importance that I never