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Article One: Glaspell’s Trifles

The first article that I viewed was called “Glaspell’s Trifles.” This article was summarizing what the short story by Glaspell wrote. They explained basically in detail what the short story was about. They used descriptive words to describe the feelings and what each character was surrounded by. It starts out by introducing the two main characters. Although neither of them are present in the legitimate short story they play a huge role in the story and without them there wouldn’t be a story the whole short story was based around these two characters. The article also states in the first paragraph a comparison between the characters in the story and the characters in Greek mythology. This was an interesting way to view it because at first when the short story was read I did not get that idea. After reading in this article I can see somewhat of a comparison. Whether the author planned it that way it still worked out well and it obviously gave that perception. In about the third paragraph the article was explaining the feelings that characters had towards each other. It was apparent in the story that it was based off of sexist views but in the article this is not brought up in much detail. Instead the author of the article states that the house was basically instable. The way that the characters had felt was an indicator that one or neither of them weren’t happy in their surroundings. Throughout the first paragraphs including the previous ones I mentioned the author of the article goes into detail about the characters and how they represent the Greek mythology characters. They gave detail to show the reasons that it was believed that they represented those of the Greek Goddesses. They did not say who they thought the men represented most likely because they just didn’t believe they represented those characters. They explained mostly about the woman. The whole article was mainly based around these similarities. The author of the article did a great job explaining how they understood and came to perceive the articles content. They did focus mainly of the comparison between Greek Goddesses and the characters that were mentioned in the short story. They should in my opinion rename the article to something like the comparisons between the characters and Greek Mythology. They seemed to know what they were writing about and had a great deal of understanding.

Article Two: Chopin’s The Story of an Hour. The second article is called “Chopin’s The Story of an Hour.” This article was a very detailed and informational article. The article first starts off by the author of the article explaining their opinion on the short story itself. They mentioned that in their opinion it is one of the greatest pieces written by Chopin. I can agree with them. It was a lovely piece of work and it was well written. Chopin did a great job casting emotions into the story. She used words to create a picture that not too many people could write with ease. Within the first paragraph the author of the article begins to summarize the short story. They start with the end and of the story and work backwards which I really liked because it helped the reader see things that they did not see before and understand things that they did not see before. Also within the first paragraph the author of the article begins to explain the emotions that the author of the short story (Chopin) wrote into the short story. He shows the emotions that the characters expressed through body language as well as things that the characters said. One thing that the author of the article wrote was a quote from the story. I liked that he did this because he showed what his opinion on a few verses. What he wrote was,

“Obviously readers' preconceptions about love and marriage and independence will dictate different answers to these questions. At one crucial point, however, this relatively clear and realistic