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Sheri Knew opened her first Sandwich shop, in 1925 in the city of Big Spring Texas, but her passion was always potatoes chips. She realized to sell her chips; she had to offer more to her customers. To get people into her shop, she offered a variety of foods, but the potatoes chips would keep them coming back. She was a visionary who approached the confection business with a simple view. She decided that no image would better reflect the personality of this venture than that of her mother. Apart from using their recipes as a foundation, Sheri realized keeping things in the family was the only way to bring about the kind of product she desired. Sheri, along with her mother, opened the first road side store in downtown Big Spring, Texas on November 1925.
Sheri’s sandwich shop was able to grow steadily from one shop in Big Spring to ten shops by the mid-1930 and expanding to twenty-four shops during the depression. By 1936, Sheri was able to expand to Midland and Odessa, Texas. For many years, Sheri’s Famous Old Time Chips where well known and loved throughout West Texas to help feed the oil field workers. If you were able to visit a Sheri’s Sandwich Shop, you would find a sparkling clean red and white shop where your requests were “made to order” as you made your chip selection. Sheri’s reputation for friendly old-fashioned service remains unrivaled.
To produce the best possible homemade potatoes chips, Sheri acquires the freshest and finest grade of raw ingredients from all over Texas. No additives or preservatives are ever used in Sheri’s Chips, only fresh wholesome ingredients.
As Sheri’s company grew over the years into a 350 million dollar company, her granddaughter Sherril Cunningham took over control of the company. Her main focus was her grandmother’s potatoes chips. Most of the sandwich shops have closed, but her potatoes chips grew into over 25 varieties of fresh potatoes chips which can be purchased via its retail stores, corporate marketing programs, phone and mail orders, and the Internet. Headquartered in Big Spring, Texas, Sheri's Chips maintains their reputation for excellence in all areas by strictly adhering to their motto of "Quality without Compromise".
Sheri’s chips will launch their presence in the Ireland’s market by introducing their most popular product, Texas BBQ flavored chips. The introduction of this product will be done based on a strategic alliance formed with a local chain by the name of Cyril’s Corner Store. Sheri’s own version of the Texas BBQ flavored chip products contain most of the basic elements found in the rest of the product line, but based on taste test results of the Ireland market, Sheri will modify the flavor of her chips to have a closer resemblance to the Irish palate. This will be done in a very meticulous matter without losing the famous trademark characteristics of Sheri’s Chips. The company intends to accomplish an internal evaluation to identify all of the resources needed for the Ireland venture.
The introduction of Sheri’s Chips product into the Ireland Market will initially be led by our corporate marketing team based in Big Spring. They will take the lead role in laying all of the important groundwork towards opening the necessary doors for entry into the Irish market. Marketing will lead efforts to pull all internal departments together to develop the corporate strategy to enter our new target mark ET. Marketing will also make initial contact with the Ireland business, political, legal, cultural, and other related communities needed to begin the start-up process. Once the strategic plan has been finalized, the management, communication, and coordination team will implement the necessary steps for a successful launch of the product.
In our targeted cities throughout Ireland and with the help from Cyril’s Corner Stores, this will evolve into our Operations & Logistics Team for tactical implementation of the plan. It is critical,