Walt Disney Behavior And Communication

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Walt Disney Behavior and Communication paper
Walt Disney started in 1923 at Los Angeles California, founded by two brothers Walter Disney and Roy Disney. Walt Disney has become one of the largest and diversifies entertainment industries in the world. Walt Disney has been the prefer entertainment and vacation destination for many kids and adults for over 37 years. Walter Disney vision statement was, “To make people happy”. This vision hasn’t change over the years and it is the foundation of Walt Disney mission statement “to be the world’s leading produce and provider of entertainment information”. According to Think Big Partners “A mission statement should act as lighthouse, if the company loses track of itself it will be able to look back on their mission statement and be reminded of their overall purpose” The founder of Walt Disney knew the importance of this. He failed so many times but, went back to his mission statement and reminded him the purpose of his company. He also was known for selecting people to work for him, who shares his same values and mission to become the leading producer in the world of entertainment. Walt Disney organization cultures focus on employee engagement and making their visitors happy, by providing an exceptional experience. The hiring process is very strict and only those candidate that shows honestly and respect will be part of the Walt Disney family. Walt Disney staff goes thru intensive training thru a system known as Disney development connection, and Disney institute focusing in helping new employees adapt to the Disney environment and transmit Disney’s