Being Healthy Case Study

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English Language plays a vital role around the globe. English Language is placed as a second language in most of the countries around the world. English Language is widely learned as a second language and is widely taught in almost every country. When it comes to teaching and learning a language, it is not always easy to achieve the goal. Almost every country that emphasizes on the teaching and learning of English language as a second language or foreign language finds it challenging to achieve the mastery in English (Sansal, 2011).
As stated above, teaching English to the young learners is not an easy task for teachers because in Malaysia, English is the second language. Many times, teachers are dealing with a variety of problems in the
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Based on the teaching and learning session in Year 3 during the phase three practicum, under the topic of ‘Being Healthy’, the researcher had identified a major problem amongst the pupils which is the ability to spell the vocabulary correctly. The questions that the researcher uses to guide this research …show more content…
To what extent does snake, ladder and slide board game can enhance Year 3 pupils’ spelling of fruit and vegetables?
1.1 Problem Statement
The main concern of this study is to identify either Snake, Ladder and Slide board game can enhance the spelling of fruits and vegetables of Year 3 students. Hence, this study is keen to know whether or not the Snake, Ladder and Slide board game will bring a remarkable improvement in spelling the vocabulary of fruits and vegetables under the topic of Being Healthy for Year 3 pupils.
This is because, the pupils in my class have difficulties in spelling vocabularies of fruits and vegetables. Most of the pupils tend to spell the words according to what they pronounce. Sometimes, how we pronounce certain words differ from how we spell it. Therefore, the researcher takes this matter as her concern and will conduct a game to help improve the pupils’ spelling.
1.2 Action Hypothesis
There will be significant differences between the scores obtained by the pupils for pre-test and post test after they have learnt the spelling of fruits and vegetables through snake, ladder and slide board game. It will be shown by the weak and intermediate pupils and it might not affect the scores for the high achievers in the