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Emily Blanco
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Mrs. Obas
8 December, 2014 Being a Man by Paul Theroux response questions A. Theroux goes into great detail painting the image of how women and men have to defend their man and womanhood. He goes on to explain why men often deny feminism. He continues his essay by explaining and pointing on why and how it is more difficult to be a man in todays society.
B. Theroux offers many strong assertions of the male personality to show the male personality and the judgement that men have to go through, these assertions help one of the female gender to relate and be understanding towards a male. These strong images help with getting Theroux’s point on it being harsher to be a male. He uses the common debate of how the much pain labor is and comparing to men being belittled.
C. He feels the need to say this because he believes that he has to get this point across since todays society is leaning more towards the feminist views and that it leaves men and their troubles out in the cold. He wants mens trouble to be taken just as seriously as women's and for them not be made fun for feeling the way that they do.
D. Paul Theroux’s tone throughout the essay could be described as dramatic and very exaggerated. THroughout the whole essay he is pointing you into the view that men have a harsher life and that we are so consumed in a feminist society that we are blinded by what really is going on. “And yet it is part of every man life” (Par 3) stating that men go through such abuse and emotional trauma as any other female has gone through as well.
E. I do agree that at a very early age little boys and girls are separated and given an environment that matches their gender roles. We do give boys toys of super heroes that show power, masculinity and leadership showing them at a very young age that they have to grow and look up to someone with these qualities. We give girls pink glittery toys and outfits