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Year 12 Homework:
“Passionate convictions, articulating opposing views, are represented in texts you have studied.
How effectively has your response been manipulated by the representations of these views?”
Due to the passionate convictions and articulating opposing views of those in the texts, “Julius Caesar”, published 1988, by William Shakespeare, “Romulus, my Father”, published in 1998, by Raimond Gaita, “Frankenstein”, published 1818, by Mary Shelley and the film “Freedom Writers”, 2007, directed by Richard LaGravenese, my response has been manipulated to view the scenarios through the heart rather than that of the mind, and to contemplate on the emotions and feelings of the characters and scenarios rather than the main ideas and thoughts displayed throughout the works. ---------WRITE A BETTER INTRODUCTION USING THIS THESIS STATEMENT
In “Julius Caesar” the audiences’; both the Elizabethan and the modern, are shaped by both logic and emotion, symbolised by the two characters; Brutus and Antony. During the eulogy, after the death of Caesar, both Brutus and Antony address the crowd. Brutus addresses the crowd with a calculated speech, illustrating the facts that so justified the assassination of Caesar, persuading the audiences to side with him (Brutus) and to believe that the justification behind Caesar’s assassination for the Roman republic was valid. This validity is then juxtaposed when Antony offers his eulogy to the people of the Roman republic, directly after Brutus. Antony rather than contradicting, discrediting and being spiteful towards Brutus, does the exact opposite by calling Brutus a ‘honourable man’. He (Antony) then goes onto display both Caesar’s flaws and then his strengths, recollecting the moments of Caesar’s generosity and heartfelt sympathy to the people of Rome, directing the