Essay on Belief is a 'Lie'

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Belief is a 'Lie'
Uwe Schuelke
Judith Longmeyer

Belief is a 'Lie'

“One interpretation of these data is that belief in the supernatural is hard-wired.” (Luhrmann, 2013). Are we forcing ourselves to have a belief in something beyond the faith that we have been presented with in Christianity? To think that we are “hard-wired to the supernatural” is ridiculous. We are taught at a young age to read and memorize. (Callanan, Sabbagh, 2004), (Huttenlocher, Vasilyeva, Waterfall, Vevea, Hedges, 2007) Saying we are instinctually aligned to recognize a 4th dimension of the Ethereal is just as ridiculous. It takes a lot of practice, focus, and balance to align oneself even if you have the natural talent to understand what goes on in the supernatural.
I understand that people, in general, are having problems with accepting the Christian faith and possibly thinking outside the box. However, for people, in general, to mock a faith and spirituality by dabbling in it is incredulous and offensive. She makes fun a guy named Jack that makes “an imaginary friend or tulpa” (Luhrmann, 2013) instead of calling what it is, a spiritual guide. Just because the ‘tulpa’ spoke back to Jack when he asked a question? Well in this day and age it is called crazy first then visionary.
“To experience God as walking by your side, in conversation with you, is hard.” (Luhrmann, 2013) The natural path to belief is to understand that God is everywhere and in everything. That is why our ancestors saw deity in everything and gave them dominion over all and honored them through the way they lived. (Warmind, 1996) Purity comes to mind when I think about our ancestors and the circle of life that they treasured and worshiped.